There is good news on the copy protection front: according to ExtremeTech Intuit was so burned by the fiasco of the copy protection in Turbotax 2002 that they swear off copy protection from now on.
"We're dropping (DRM) in all prepaid products - that means any copy you purchase at a retail store or direct from us," the spokesman said ...
"That means no Macrovision DRM software, no DRM software from anyone," Gulbransen said.
I'm sympathetic to software companies, particularly game companies, who try to stop people from stealing their software. But copy protection is a usability nightmare as has been shown time and again over the past 20 years.

I believe that Microsoft's Palladium is going to make all this a moot point as we lose control over the very software running on our computers. We are doomed to DRM hell.

  2003-05-17 01:10 Z