I like my new Creative Inspire 6600 speakers. 5.1 surround isn't good enough; 6.1 gives you an extra rear center. Or something. Mostly I bought them because they were cheap ($80 at Amazon) and I figured they'd work well with my Creative Audigy 2 Platinum soundcard.

They sound good. Having speakers behind you makes for a big difference, particularly in games. Your eyes always stare straight ahead but you can hear all around you. So why not have speakers behind you in your VR rig?

What I like best is that the product packaging is remarkably good for the price. The speakers look nice. The speakers come with long enough wires to reach the back of my office comfortably. It comes with little stickers to label each speaker. The power transformer is on a cord so it doesn't cover multiple plugs.

I'm so used to crummy packaging of computer products it's nice to buy a box of stuff that just works.

  2003-08-14 00:34 Z