The Dell 2001FP is good hardware. Nice, simple 20" LCD, 1600x1200 @60Hz. Great picture quality, very bright, mine doesn't even have any dead pixels. And good features, it rotates to portrait mode, has a 4 port USB hub, takes composite and S-Video inputs as well as DVI and VGA and can even do picture-in-picture display. $800 retail, although you can usually get a better deal out of Dell. Dell has always sold good displays. Somehow they seem to do more than just rebrand someone else's displays.

I had held off getting an LCD because I was afraid running a game at lower resolution and scaling it up would be ugly. But it's not bad, at least with the Radeon's video card scaling. Slightly blurry, but the sharper picture and colour from the DVI more than makes up for it. And the pixels are fast enough (16ms) to genuinely draw 60 frames a second; more in this AnandTech preview for how significant that is.

  2005-01-01 23:21 Z