CUPS is good software. It's a suite of printer management software for Unix. And on my new Debian install it couldn't be simpler to get things working. A real improvement on twenty years of Unix print software nightmare.

My only confusion was where to start; Google searches suggested it'd be scary and hard. It's not, you just install CUPS and connect to http://localhost:631/. Note it has to be localhost because Debian doesn't listen on TCP/IP by default; use ssh port forwarding if you have to.

Once I got to the webapp I clicked the "add printer" button and smiled as it autodetected my old parallel port printer. Gave it a name, told it what kind of printer it is, and voila; postscript printing. The coup de grâce was that Samba magically found my new CUPS printer, which means my Windows machine can print to the printer too. I spent three days making that work last time I set up a printer.

Easy to configure Unix software; who woulda guessed?

  2007-10-13 19:02 Z