Google Chrome now supports extensions in the beta build. They work great. Here's useful extensions I've found:
There's several choices for ad blockers right now, this one seems to work best out of the box.
Makes it so you have to click to activate any Flash object on a web page. Not so critical with the ad blocker, but still a nice thing.
RSS Subscription Extension
Adds the little "subscribe to feed" button in the address bar on blogs. This really should be in Chrome by default.
Send from Gmail (no button)
Rewrites mailto: links so they open in Gmail instead of the OS' mail client. This unofficial version doesn't have a toolbar button.
Google Quick Scroll
When you click through a Google search result, gives you a UI on the landing page that makes it easy to find your keywords on that page. It's quite clever.
Extensions seem to work great in Chrome. My one complaint is UI. A lot of extensions want to add buttons to the toolbar, but I'm very jealous of that real-estate and don't want random coloured icons cluttering up the browser. Even worse, some extensions are binding magic keys (like FlashBlock's Ctrl-Shift-F). That's just inhumane and needs to stop. I think the best answer is to let extensions add stuff to the right click menu; I don't think that's possible right now. Then again that leads to menu proliferation.
  2009-12-09 16:48 Z