The Canon i80 is good hardware. It's a portable colour printer that runs on batteries. It's no longer made, but the Canon i90 looks to be the successor.

I made all sorts of fun of Ken when he bought this printer. Who needs a portable printer? Turns out wedo. We've taken it to Zürich and Paris with it and it's a huge convenience to be able to print train tickets, maps, photos, etc.

The print quality and speed is quite good. It does a good job on colour photos if you use good paper and it's great at quickly printing off a few black and white pages. It's reasonably portable but it's not petite. About the same volume as a laptop, but thicker and shallower. The builtin battery is surprisingly useful; no need to find a second outlet just to print a page or two.

  2006-10-09 17:08 Z