My new car yielded a nice surprise; Bluetooth phone support. Basically the car is one giant hands-free headset. I just step into the car with the phone in my pocket and I can make calls from the dashboard. It even synced up my phonebook. I feel like 1985 James Bond.

When I was at the Media Lab I used to mock Bluetooth. 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, they kept saying "cheap low power wireless is just on the horizon" and it never happened. But it finally happened. Bluetooth is to wireless what USB is to wired connections; simple, autoconfiguring device interaction. Now if I could just play music to my car stereo via a Bluetooth MP3 player and if I could get a Bluetooth camera to sync photos to my PC, I'd be set. Oh yeah, and I need wireless power.

  2005-03-23 16:45 Z