rsnapshot is good software. It's a simple Unix backup program that gives you historical snapshots, sort of a low rent NetApp in free software. I now have views of my files from four hours ago, and one day ago, and one week ago, and... Having multiple versions protects you from the "I deleted some important files two days ago" problem. Behind the scenes it's doing rsync and hard links to keep the size reasonably efficient. What I like best about rsnapshot is that it's very professionally produced and was easy to set up on my Debian box.

I don't understand how anyone backs their machines up anymore. Disk is fifty cents a gigabyte. I have something like 200 gigs of data in my house and I didn't even try. Removable media sure isn't going to work to back it up: tape's too expensive and slow, CD and DVD are too small. So all I'm left to do is backup to other hard drives.

That doesn't help you if your house burns down. I'd love to backup over a network (rsnapshot supports this), but I don't have the bandwidth to even back up the 5 gigs that really matter. For now I'm also making copies to a USB drive that I store outside my house.

  2005-06-30 13:31 Z