I've long thought my linkblog has better content than my real blog. It's just a simple list of things I find interesting online: URL, title, short comment. About 5 links a day and I write for an audience; this isn't just my personal bookmarks.

I just set up @somebitsLinks, a copy of my linkblog on Twitter. Tweets are a good medium for linkblogs, I hope some folks appreciate being able to see what I write there. Try it out, tell me what you think!

The Twitter feed is implemented by sending the Pinboard RSS to Twitter via dlvr.it, a third party product. It's a nice service, has a variety of options for filtering and routing stuff from A to B. I'm hopeful it'll have Google+ support as soon as Google gets its act together. They support Facebook now but that seems spammy. The one drawback is dlvr.it rewrites and shortens my links before they get to Twitter, doubly annoying now that Twitter in turn rewrites and shortens the links again. Sorry about that.

  2011-08-25 23:41 Z