I've moved my linkblog to Pinboard. If you follow it already you'll want to update your RSS subscription. If you don't follow it, you should! My linkblog has better content than this text blog. Links are on the sidebar at left but best enjoyed via your RSS reader of choice.

Many thanks to the Delicious and Yahoo crew; they served me well for hosting for four years. I decided not to follow along with the AVOS purchase, not for any particular reason but because it seemed uncertain. A big thank you to Joshua and Delicious for having a fantastic, easy export of all my data. That's an important user right more sites should support and more users should demand.

Pinboard works great and is simple. I like that I'm a (modestly) paying customer. I particularly appreciate that the search function works so well: Yahoo never got that right. I was also impressed by Maciej's postmortem when the site got crushed after the Delicious shutdown rumour. He's a smart engineer. All the cool kids seem to be on Pinboard now, I'm in good company.

  2011-05-09 18:33 Z