I've added a new feature, my linkblog. It contains a bunch of links to stuff I accumulate. It's over there on the left, in the sidebar. It's also available as a very spartan blog of its own: useful for RSS. Here are the pieces:
Python CGI that creates a bookmarklet and accepts input from it. Standalone tool.
The weblog engine for the linkblog
Blosxom plugin for my linkblog to read entries from the single file that linkblog.py writes out
Blosxom plugin for my main blog that includes the output of the linknote-driven blog (see below)
include flavour
Blosxom flavour that prints out data with no Content-Type; the main blog calls this in linkblog
lastmodified plugin
Hacked up version of the lastmodified plugin
It's handy for the linkblog to itself be Blosxom; that way you get RSS, plugins, archives, etc for free. This dynamic inclusion may not be worth the trouble; I could have made it a static blog and included it as a file, or I could have used an iframe. It works but it's fragile. Particularly concerning the interaction with the lastmodified plugin.

Update: I'm no longer using the linkblog plugin in my main blog. Now linkblog.py generates a file for the file plugin in my main blog. Simpler and faster this way.
  2003-11-02 00:46 Z