I've moved my little linkblog over to del.icio.us. Everything should work the same as before and the RSS feed is redirected to its new home. But I had to mix a few different flavours of chewing gum to hold this together; if something went wrong, please mail me.

Why the change? Because linkblogs are most interesting as a social phenomenon and I wanted to share my linkblog with a bunch of other people. And because I like outsourcing the hosting of the things I do. The del.icio.us data model is close enough to my own that it was an easy shift. Who knows, I may even do the tagging thing the kids these days are into.

The migration was surprisingly difficult. I ran into a couple of rate limiting problems moving 4200 links into del.icio.us (one of which I fixed). Even now the result isn't perfect; delicious claims to only update the RSS feed every 30 minutes so my linkblog in the left column on my blog will now have a posting delay. But the data is all in a central place now and I have less code to maintain; the change was worth the effort.

  2007-02-17 18:35 Z