After bragging about hacking my new router I learned that World of Warcraft doesn't work with the WRT54GS v1.1. It only fails in WoW, and only on v1.1 routers. I got as far as analyzing a packet trace and finding some corrupted data packets, then gave up and exchanged the wrt54gs for a wrt54g. Almost the same thing but without the WoW problem. Coming on the heels of being offline entirely (my Netgear RT314 flaked out), I'm sick of routers.

These little routers are amazing: $80 for RAM, CPU, wireless radio, ethernet, power supply, case, and software. But if it breaks or flakes out even a bit, no one's going to help you. It's particularly bad with a problem like "I think the router is corrupting packets from this one application, but only after an hour". Your only hope is to exchange it for something different and hope for the best.

  2005-02-13 21:21 Z