Trying to register for web access to my health insurance account, I'm greeted with the following restriction:
Please select a User ID that is between 6 and 20 characters long using numbers and letters. It must contain at least one number and one character. You cannot consecutively repeat a character or number more than twice. Eg. AAA12345 is not allowed.
Yes, on this site my username has to have a number in it. As I remarked a long time ago my real problem with web logins isn't remembering my password, it's my username. Every site has different restrictions, the names have to be unique, it's a total pain.

I'm completely ready for Internet single signon. OpenID is looking great but adoption is very slow. I'm willing to trust a big company like Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, even my ISP to maintain my identity. Can we do it now please?

  2007-07-01 15:39 Z