I have a 4 year old Tivo series 1. I see no reason to upgrade, particularly since I repaired the hard drive. But last week it mysteriously stopped changing to any channel with the number 6 in it.

The TiVo has an awful IR interface to change channels on the General Instrument cable box. I have to use the cable box thanks to Comcast's evil channel encryption. But the cable box has no channel changing interface, so we're stuck with emulating the remote control IR codes.

For four years this has worked fine with the TiVo set to IR code 00093. Last week the number 6 stopped working. This isn't general IR flakiness, it was specific to the number 6. So after hunting around a bit I find that now I have to use IR code 10006 instead. And it works.

I feel like The Prisoner. Arbitrary meaningless punishment.

Update: thanks to the fabulous PVRBlog I now know this is a known issue. Amazing. Why did this just change? Todd says it's a cable box firmware update. Maybe when I got HBO last week. Don't you love technology?
  2004-10-07 16:02 Z