Want to use Subversion on Windows Vista, with the svn+ssh protocol (you know, the only sane one?). It's remarkably tricky, but it's doable. There's a bunch of incomplete docs on the web, including Wingware and Piwigo. Here's the steps in schematic form.
  1. Install the command line Subversion client for Windows. Yes, you have to register for an account to download this free software, at least from collab.net.
  2. Install PuTTY, the free ssh client for Windows.
  3. Get PuTTY configured so it's using Pageant as an ssh key agent. When you can use Putty to log into your SVN server without typing a password, you're set.
  4. Go to a command line and verify you can run
    plink server hostname
    without typing a password. Plink is what PuTTY named the command 'ssh'.
  5. Go to
    and edit the file config (in Notepad or whatever).
  6. Head down to the [tunnels] section of the config and enter this line (all one line, but with lots of \\ quoting nonsense)
    ssh = C:\\Program\ Files\\(x86\)\\PuTTY\\plink.exe
  7. Test everything from a command line.
    svn info svn+ssh://server/...
  8. Swear at Microsoft for moving the paths for everything in Vista. And swear at the Subversion community for not producing a humane Windows install.
  2009-05-05 21:51 Z