I accept that games have copy protection. I do not accept invasive copy protection that damages my system. Starforce works by installing a driver in your operating system, way down with kernel-level privileges. No way.

What troubles me is how squirrely the process is for removing Starforce. Their user page explains how to remove it, but the solution is to send you to a scary looking third party which has been "granted a sole right to distribute the StarForce Removal Tool utility". Their page then proceeds to try to upsell you into some never-heard-of-it anti-spyware program. Fake anti-spyware is a #1 way to get actual spyware on your computer, so the whole thing smells suspicious. I think it's actually legitimate, but how could I be sure? Why would a company contract out distribution of their uninstall tool?

I don't think Starforce means badly here, I don't think they're criminal. Just dumb. I was reminded of all this by Starforce's ham-handed attempt to legally strong-arm Cory into removing some criticism from his blog. What jerks. Time to join the movement to boycott Starforce. Fortunately, not many games use Starforce, mostly some crappy second tier titles. I got it installed thanks to Sniper Elite, a lousy game anyway.

  2006-01-31 17:46 Z