I serve this blog from my home DSL (an increasingly dumb idea). My DSL went to hell at 11am today. Pinging from my house to the DSL gateway on the other end of the line is taking well over one second. No packet loss. It's not my router, either.

I've seen this slow link failure mode before, but never for this long and with no packet loss. Usually it's gone away on its own, a couple of times I've called for support and they "cleared the line" and things got better again. I wonder, does their router infrastructure go flaky or get overloaded? Do they monitor it?

I hate not being able to get real help. Their phone support is so far removed from an actual expert that I can't say things like "I monitor the ping time on the link and it's gone from 1ms to 1000ms". At least their support script did lead to them actually detecting the problem.

Argh, now my link is entirely dead. Man, sonic.net is looking better and better.

  2005-06-30 03:12 Z