I have a PowerPoint presentation that won't open correctly when my laptop is online. I can open it and display the first 16 slides but then the whole Powerpoint process hangs (I can't even close the window). After about 90 seconds PowerPoint recovers and my presentation looks fine. Alternately, if my laptop is offline it loads immediately.

Presumably the program has found something in my slides that it wants to check online and the 90 seconds is a timeout. How do I find and expunge that something?

Networked apps are great until your network flakes out.

Update 2004-02-15: lazyweb failed me. So did ethereal. I was able to figure out Powerpoint was trying to make an SMB connection with a 60 second timeout, but not to where. Final workaround? Pray for 60 seconds.
  2004-02-10 21:59 Z