Sorry about the blog outage; my DSL at home has been out for 36 hours. It's amazing how awful this feels. A whole Sunday with no Internet? How do I get my email? How do I check in at work? Do we have to shudder use dialup?

I remarked how silly it felt that we were already so dependent on Internet access that its absence seemed a crisis. Ken's retort: "yeah, they used to feel that way about electric lights, too".

A big raspberry to SBCGlobal, who took my initial query about 40% packet loss and turned it into four hours of level 1 outsourced tech support hell asking me time after time "which operating system do you have"? (Uh: Windows XP, Linux, MacOS, and a Netgear router). On Sunday they killed my link entirely, and when I finally got a knowledgable tech I learned why; they changed my gateway from to Why? How? Beats me. I'm now looking into alternatives: and

  2005-02-08 03:22 Z