I switched from Linux to Windows as my desktop shell back in 1999 because Netscape was awful and MSIE was good. Now it's 2004 and Mozilla has gotten really good and MSIE is still, well, good. Here are some persistent MSIE bugs that I really hate:
Page title
If you try to load a page and get an error, the window title says "Cannot find server". All well and good. But if you press reload in that window and it succeeds in loading the page, the window title still says "Cannot find server". They don't reset the title.
Cache too big
I set my browser cache high, like half a gig. Disk is cheap, bandwidth isn't. But there's some weird bug in MSIE where when the cache gets too big things start misbehaving. External programs like WinZip or Acrobat have a hard time reading things out of the cache. The only solution seems to be to flush.
favicon.ico inconsistency
MSIE randomly loses the little icons associated with URLs. Related to the "cache too big" bug above?
Most of these bugs are at least three years old. Maybe I should just switch to Firefox on my Windows boxes.
  2004-08-30 14:53 Z