The Canon i80 printer drivers are bad software. I'm living on a Mac laptop in Zürich, which is mostly OK. But boy, Canon doesn't make it easy to use their printers. On a Windows machine I just plug it into the USB port and it works. On the Mac I have to go to the web site, manually find the drivers, download the DMG, mount the DMG, guess which file to open, open it, type my password, wait 2 minutes for drivers to install, wait 3 more minutes for the Mac to mysteriously "optimize system performance", then reboot. Only then do I get to print my photos.

I suspect the fault is more Canon's than the Mac's. Except for the optimize and reboot part; that's the Mac's fault. Isn't this Unix? Doesn't it have loadable device drivers? If I have to be aware of lpd, I'm gonna scream.

  2005-08-30 07:01 Z