The Philips Key 010 key ring camera is bad hardware. Clever product: a camera so tiny (3.5" x 1.2" x 0.8") you always have it in your pocket, but higher resolution (1600x1200) than a camera phone. For $125 at Amazon you also get 128 megs of storage and a good Lithium polymer battery. Sure, it has no screen, but with room for 500 photos just shoot, shoot, shoot.
Shoot away all you want, the photos are going to be shit. The CCD quality is just horrible, deadly lack of colours. The photo above is taken on Ocean Beach at 1pm in full sunlight. It looks like a 25 year old Polaroid. This review says it all.

I bought this after reading a review on Engadget. The gadget factor is good: USB interface, simple UI. But the photo quality is just useless.

Jeremy likes his. His expectations were lower.
  2004-10-09 22:31 Z