I don't get all the excitement over the iPhone. Well, I do get it: Apple Marketing is very good at creating hype and Apple does build good products. But what's so exciting about the iPhone?

The best analysis I've seen so far is this comparison matrix. What I learned from that is the iPhone is about as big and heavy as a Treo and does about the same things with a better camera and screen. And for that you pay $300 more and are reportedly locked into a two year Cingular contract. Is that so exciting?

The screen does look good, although I'll want to see it in person in bright sunlight before getting too excited. But after it's all scratched and smeared with sebum? And my friend FJ!! points to a potential serious flaw; touchscreens give you no tactile feedback.

It'll be pretty, but will it be a good phone? Maybe we'll finally get a humane cell phone interface.

  2007-01-10 18:48 Z