Google has reduced itself to outright spamming users to promote its products. Here’s a screenshot of an email I got today about Google’s failing payments product, Google Wallet. Note the footer, the email is marked “You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Wallet account”. What are those important changes?

  1. A call for me to use Google Wallet more
  2. An ad for the Android version of Google Wallet
  3. The Google Play logo
  4. Logos for stores that accept Google Wallet
  5. A request that I subscribe to more Google Wallet ads

In summary: four ads for Google products, one ad for random other companies that happen to use Google Wallet, and zero important changes. I guess I should block

It’s cliché now to point out how disappointing Google, Inc. has become. But this seems bad even for the trend. All that’s missing is the “+1 on Google+” button.

  2013-09-04 15:25 Z