It's cool and open source and all, but Firefox 2.0 on Windows has two horrible crippling bugs that have been there since at least version 1.0. And a third new one, too.
  1. Copy/paste focus bug. Ctrl-c copies text or URLs, except when it doesn't, which is randomly about half the time in Firefox. This bug is three years old. It was marked fixed a few days ago, let's all pray.
  2. Find dialog opens when typing ' (apostrophe). Horribly annoying; you're trying to type a ' in a text box and it opens some little window instead. Apparently this is a feature that's enabled when you're not in a text box, but it's broken and is enabled when typing text, too.
  3. Window always on top.. A new bug in Firefox 2.0: sometimes a window will randomly become sticky on top. Minimizing and reopening fixes it.
All of these bugs are fundamental usability bugs I run into daily while using Firefox. And they're all particularly annoying because in each case the app is not listening to user input. Why do they release software in this condition? Why are these kinds of bugs in the app at all? Something is deeply wrong.
  2006-12-05 22:29 Z