Remembering my user ID on every website is harder than remembering my password. Sites have different rules for what your user ID can be and they have to be unique on the site. Is it 'nelson' or 'nelsonminar' or 'nelsonm' or 'nelson352' or '' or what? I try to use my email address everywhere.

Not anymore on eBay. From my mail today:

eBay is constantly working to provide a safer and easier trading experience for our members. In our ongoing efforts to prevent unsolicited and possibly fraudulent email, we have decided to allow only User IDs that do not include an email address. This policy takes effect immediately.
So many things are wrong with this. First, they should let me choose my own risk level. Second, they chose a crappy username for me that I had to change; now my account is branded with the suspicious "user changed his ID" for 30 days. Third, they sent me this notification as an email; fraudulent emails about your eBay account are one of the biggest scams on the net. Finally, I suspect the real reason for all this is to make it harder for folks to contact each other directly and bypass eBay's auction.

The ironic thing is they support Microsoft Passport for signon. Passport keys your identity to your email address.

  2004-02-04 16:42 Z