The updater for Adobe Reader is bad software. It pops up an irritating window everytime I try to read a PDF telling me to upgrade, interrupting whatever it was I was trying to do. I finally succumbed and clicked "update", at which point it pops up a second window to show download progress. You can hide that window (where it bizarrely goes to a tray icon, not the tray), but when it's done it pops up again and pops up a second window asking if I want to now install the software. Sure, I'll install, and guess what? Now it wants me to reboot! So I click "don't reboot" and just for revenge it pops up one more Reader window, empty this time.

In summary: a minor software update causes 4 windows and a tray icon to pop up and requires three mouse clicks and a reboot to install. Smooth going, Adobe. Somewhere inside Reader there's a good document engine struggling to be free, but it sure is buried behind a lot of crap.

Update: I haven't rebooted, and now everytime I launch Reader an alert pops up (and beeps) saying "you must restart your system before you can do another update". I don't want to update or reboot, I just want to read something in your damned proprietary format!
Update 2: I rebooted, to be greated with a dialog that Reader wants me to reboot again! Whee!
  2006-04-18 21:14 Z