George W. Bush is a compromised president. There's no reason to believe anything he says about Iraq. But we're stuck with him for two more years. And the only thing the Democratic opposition is saying is "bring the troops home". While I'd certainly like to do that very soon, we have a significant problem. We broke Iraq. We destroyed its government, its infrastructure. Now we're stuck with it. We have both a moral obligation and a personal security interest in Iraq.

But what can we do? The usual solution to this problem is to give up and ask the international community to help. UN peacekeepers, international debates, etc. But we have no friends here, we blew that when we lied to the UN and then defied their direct resolutions and invaded Iraq anyway. Our only ally in this is Britain, and they're just as compromised as the US.

We are well and truly stuck. This debacle is why you don't start wars under false pretenses.

  2007-01-11 16:31 Z