The "weapons of mass destruction" justification for invading Iraq is crumbling faster than expected.

The British government was caught plagiarising 12 year old student papers to justify the war in February. Downing Street defended the report anyway, but now Blair can't escape charges the report was hyped.

The story is also falling apart in the US. The Marine commander in Iraq says intelligence about chemical weapons on the battlefield was "simply wrong". CIA insiders are breaking ranks, shifting blame from analysts to policy makers. Colin Powell himself reportedly thought the weapons argument was "bullshit". Wolfowitz admits that the weapons issue was used because it was bureaucratically expedient.

And the story of Jessica Lynch, rescued POW, has been overblown, probably deliberately. Her family is forbidden to talk about it. So far Jessica is keeping her head down, but reports that she has amnesia are false.

The pressure is on to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The US has refused access to Iraq for UN arms inspectors, so it probably won't be long before the US "finds" something on its own.

The political situation in the US is so bad that my friends (pro and anti-Bush) have an unspoken agreement just not to talk about it. Silence = Death.

  2003-05-31 16:11 Z