The SF Chron has an article about Iraqi casualties, first I've seen in mainstream US media.
But Herold said the precision and power of today's U.S. munitions don't translate into lower civilian casualties, especially when a war involves urban targets, as in Iraq. ... "Even if these bombs hit their targets, you'll kill civilians nearby," he said.
The article goes on to reference, a site that estimates civilian casualties by reading news reports. I've been pulling their data myself - it's the big number on my sidebar. They have a clever Javascript image compositing system for you to embed in your site. (The image here is static.)

We've killed around 2500 Iraqi civilians. That's roughly World Trade Center numbers. No one has an estimate of how many soldiers we killed. Given that we've liberated Iraq, shouldn't we care about the dead soldiers? They were victims as well.

The US is deeply into the arrogance of power. It's wonderful that only 132 Americans have died in this war. But it is dangerous that our power is so disproportionate. We lash out across the globe without feeling consequence. The rest of the world is horrified at our violence, and in the US we are ignorant.

  2003-05-03 16:54 Z