Compliance with the USA PATRIOT Act has never been easier, thanks to Sybase's PATRIOTcompliance Solution. It integrates your existing customer and transaction information systems into a consolidated compliance system that detects unusual activity and automates its investigation and resolution in a timely, secure and meticulously documented manner.
The John Ashcroft police state, brought to you by Sybase. I love the part about automation and detection. Erosion of civil liberties encoded in SQL.

I couldn't tell if this is a spoof or not. The domain is registered to Evolution Bureau, a high-concept advertising firm that specializes in websites and software to go along with ad campaigns. All of the examples there are similarly on the edge between creepy and corporate, but there's too much work there to be someone just playing around. The clincher is the page on itself.

High farce that it's not clear if "Compliance or Consequences" is a parody or the real thing.

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  2003-04-27 16:39 Z