I hate the coverage of the Super Tuesday results. We get stupid orange/purple maps showing who won the majority, completely obscuring the size of the majority, the number of delegates, or the number of people who voted. Inspired by Robert Venderbei's red/blue maps I tried to do a better choropleth map.
Above is my work-in-progress. The more red the state, the more of the vote Obama got. You can view a live map, also a map of percent of delegates. According to NPR, Obama got fewer delegates than votes.

This visualization is not very useful, honestly, I don't like the constraints of the map drawing tool I'm using. Can anyone suggest better simple software for drawing coloured US states? Then again geography may not be the right foil; delegates or popular vote is more important than location.

I didn't triple-check that the data is accurate. Sources:

  2008-02-07 02:05 Z