During the primary a couple of weeks ago Robot Hillary Clinton called me at home twice to ask me to vote for her. I go through a fair amount of trouble and expense to avoid unsolicited calls at home and so Robot Hillary Clinton was not very persuasive.

The Do Not Call registry does not stop calls for political campaigns. But in California robotic calls are illegal.

A "live" person must come on the line before the recording to identify the nature of the call and the organization behind it. The recipient of the call must consent to allowing the recording to be played.
I wasn't angry enough at Robot Hillary Clinton to do anything about her illegal calls. But today the evil fucks behind ProtectMarriage.com illegally robo-called me. From a fake caller ID of "800 Services" 800-851-4642.

Not only did they disturb my peace at home, they did so asking me to support their twisted religion-branded hatred of me and my family. So now I'm looking to see how I can help the law be enforced. I've already filed my PUC complaint, but angrily pressing the "Submit Form" button doesn't seem like enough. Any ideas?

  2008-02-21 20:34 Z