The Bush administration conceded to the Constitution today, agreeing to no longer illegally conduct wiretaps without FISA oversight. Well, maybe, they're vague about just how much oversight the judges will provide. Blanket warrants, anyone?

But don't misinterpret this; attorney general Gonzales assured us they still have deep contempt for the Consitution.

Gonzales said federal judges are not "equipped to make decisions about" actions the president takes in the name of preserving national security. "A judge will never be in the position to know what is in the national security interest of the country."

"I try to imagine myself being a judge," Gonzales said. "What do I know about what is going on in Afghanistan or Guantanamo?"

Indeed, what do any of us know about what is going on in Guantanamo? Secret gulags have a way of being opaque.
  2007-01-18 15:54 Z