I'd thought this was entirely obvious, but today the New York Times reports:
With a campaign of high-profile national security events set for the next three days, following Karl Rove's blistering speech to Republicans on Friday, the White House has effectively declared that it views its controversial secret surveillance program not as a political liability but as an asset, a way to attack Democrats and re-establish President Bush's standing after a difficult year.
So let's say it simply. The US government should not spy on Americans without warrants. There needs to be some sort of judicial oversight, at least something as toothless as FISA. The Bush Administration's unilateral decision to use NSA to spy on American citizens is illegal and a frightening extension of executive power.

I suspect no one reading this weblog entry will be surprised I feel this way, and I hope most of you agree with me. But when someone keeps saying 2+2=5 or that Iraq and Al Qaeda were linked you have to remind yourself that it's 4.

  2006-01-23 19:43 Z