The Bush administration's readiness to detain hundreds of people with no charges, no access to lawyers, and no due process should frighten you. Finally there's some good news: two courts have ruled that the Bush folks can't just lock people up forever with no due process.

The detentions of hundreds of people at Guantnamo is pretty bad. The Bush Administration has been arguing that since the detainees are in Cuba, they have no rights under US or, presumably, any law. Nice! Fortunately the Ninth Circuit said that was ridiculous since the US runs the camp in Guantnamo.

While Guantnamo is bad, the case of Jose Padilla is horrible. Here we have a US citizen, arrested in America, and the government has been claiming he has no rights. Secret detention by the US government: no lawyer, no charges, nothing. It's absolutely outrageous, and finally a court said so. Even if the man is guilty of all he's charged with, that's no excuse.

Americans have died defending our freedoms for over two hundred years. Bush's Justice Department seems happy to trample all over that, the courts are finally responding.

  2003-12-19 17:34 Z