The SF Chronicle has a heartbreaking story about how a married gay couple of 19 years may be split up by US immigration.
Starting June 13, Makk, 48, faces possible deportation if he remains in the country illegally when his current visa expires. If he leaves, he would not be readmitted, the couple would be all but permanently separated and Wells, who has severe health complications from AIDS, would be left without his spouse and sole caregiver.

"We're at the end of our rope," said Wells, 55. "Ever since we met, all we've tried to do is be together. The focal point of our lives, everything we've done, is just so we could be together."

They are legally married (in Massachusetts) but thanks to a federal law passed and signed by the Democrats their marriage has no status for immigration. The Australian in the story isn't even a second class citizen: he's no kind of citizen at all.
  2011-06-05 20:22 Z