Wow, the new Bush/Hitler ad (WMV) is brilliant propaganda. The overt message is to discredit and the Democrats by claiming they improperly compare Bush to Hitler. But the ad happily uses the juxtaposition of Hitler with images of Gore, Dean, Gephardt, Kerry to implicitly connect the Democrats to Nazis. It's like Karl Rove was taking notes when he watched Oliver Stone's JFK.

The ad also neuters the appropriate outrage of the Democrats. Frankly, this is the time for pessimism and rage. But the ad turns that on its head. Mean ol' Kerry, wouldn't you rather vote for nice piano music Bush?

And showing this video only on the web bypasses all sorts of pesky campaign laws. Because of the Hitler controversy this ad is now all over the mainstream media. It may be hypocritical, but it sure works.

  2004-06-26 23:11 Z