The Bush campaign's Orwellian technology of words is in full force now around the word "pessimism". The Hitler ad warns "this is not the time for pessimism and rage". The Bush campaign claims "Senator Edwards delivers his pessimism with a Southern drawl and a smile". The new Bush ad Pessimism talks about Bush's "optimism" and then chides Kerry for talking about the US economy, ending with the tag line "Pessimism never created a job".

Unhappy that Bush tax cuts and military expenditures are destroying the US budget? Be an optimist! Worried that you have no job? Blame Kerry, that mean ol' pessimist, for complaining about the economy. Upset that we're in a war in Iraq under false pretenses? Blame the pessimists for confusing you with stories and congressional inquries. America Number 1!

By taking this single word "pessimism" and using it to characterize the Democracts, the Bush campaign brilliantly defuses any criticism of the Bush presidency. Even better, it shifts the blame to the opposition who is calling attention to the problems. Use of single words is the purest technology of campaigning; the Republicans are brilliant at it.

Bring 'em on. Mission Accomplished.

  2004-07-07 15:02 Z