Voting machines
It's obvious that electronic voting machines don't enable fair elections. The software is buggy, the companies are dishonest, and there's hints of fraud. So why are we even considering using them?
Kerry and Vietnam
Kerry served honourably in Vietnam and then came back to the US and honourably protested the Vietnam war. Why is this a problem for his campaign? Shouldn't it be considered a qualification?
Bush and Iraq
It's painfully obvious that the Bush administration used the 9/11 terrorist attacks and selective intelligence as false pretenses to invade Iraq. They lied and now we're in a disastrous war. Why is there any question about Bush's fitness for leadership?
Budgets and tax cuts
The Bush financial policy is clearly headed for disaster. We're simultaneously cutting rich people's taxes, spending more and increasing deficits, and pretending the $50+ billion we need for Iraq isn't part of the budget. Why is the Bush administration still seen as fiscally responsible?

This is all so clear to me, I wonder what the rest of the country thinks. Maybe I'm in some sort of weird bubble in San Francisco? Even so, young people coming back dead from Iraq seems hard to ignore.

  2004-04-24 15:03 Z