I fervently want Bush to not be president any more. The administration is truly terrible. It led our country to war on false pretenses, deliberatly sabotaged the Constitution with its imprisonment policies, and is systematically wrecking the US budget with irresponsible tax and expenditure policies. Oh yeah, and there's the stated policy of torturing prisoners and hiding them from the Red Cross. Nice. And that's just the worst stuff - I won't even go into ANWAR, or gay marriage, or ...

But I feel powerless, disenfranchised. Sure, I can vote against Bush. But does voting even count? I truly believe the 2000 election was stolen. I could try to influence politics, get involved in the campaign. But personal action is sort of pointless; most of my friends already hate Bush too (and the others, well, we agree to disagree). Political influence seems to be entirely about money, not belief.

This is why I liked Dean. He made me believe that things could change. Kerry is uninspiring. MoveOn gives me some hope, but only a little.

  2004-06-21 14:51 Z