I had a sort of weird moment today on the train coming back from Luzern to Zürich. I was reading the International Herald Tribune (the American paper) and there was an article about how the European Union was investigating whether any of its member nations were hosting the recently disclosed secret American prisons.

I was thinking "good for the EU!" when I realized, wait, I'm American. And my country is holding people in secret jails and torturing them. And there's no response, no outrage, no investigations and resignations and arrests. The only one doing anything is the EU, making sure they aren't participating in the gross violation of human rights. What else can they do? What else can I do?

What has happened to America? Despite my criticisms of US politics, I'm proud and happy to be American. Except for the torture part. And the imperialistic wars. It has to stop.

  2005-11-06 15:21 Z