Well Biden didn't win easily last night, so there's lots of vote counting to come. The press is mostly saying Biden is likely to win, but it's really not certain.

The immediate danger is Trump and his authoritarian speech he gave last night. It's the most astonishingly anti-democratic thing I've ever heard an American president say. It should disqualify him immediately from holding any elected office in the US.

But it won't, so we're going to have an ugly knife fight in the coming weeks. Expect 2000 Florida style nastiness over vote counting in 5+ states. I just hope the disputes stay in polite court discussions and don't turn into real violence.

Getting to a complete vote count will be hard, and it will be unpleasant, and it will be expensive. But the alternative is letting our country be stolen by an authoritarian who openly declares his intent to ignore the vote and just take power.

  2020-11-04 15:06 Z