As much as I like Paris, something has to be done about the appliances in this country. My new apartment has a decent shower, but the instant hot water heater only works when the radiator is heating. And it's mounted on a wall in the kitchen; wtf? The washer+dryer (one unit) under the kitchen counter is also pretty limited; three hours to wash eight pairs of underwear and socks.

But the craziest appliance in my apartment is one we have no name for in the US, so I'm calling it le moulin à merde. It serves the same function as a garbage disposal only instead of being in the kitchen sink it's in the toilet. Old buildings have awkward plumbing, in this case a thin little pipe coming out of the toilet instead of a 2 inch sewer pipe. So you have a grinder. It seems to work but it's noisy as hell. Ken and I agreed to not flush after late night micturation, but simply adding to the water level is enough to start it chewing.

All of this is a natural consequence of having small and old apartments. But sometimes I miss being the comforts of being a big fat American consumer with a 40 gallon hot water heater and a clothes dryer that's directly sucking ozone out of the atmosphere.

Thanks to JY I now know the official word for the toilet device is sanibroyeur. Crushing, not grinding.
  2007-04-16 15:27 Z