I'm feeling a bit homesick today. Nothing serious but I'm missing my cat, burritos, dogshit-free sidewalks, and running errands without linguistic adventures. But what I'm most homesick for now is an American shower.

The French may have given the world the bidet, but they have alarmingly bad showers. Shower curtains and sprayers are considered optional. It's common to find hotels with nothing but a tub and a handheld sprayer on a flexible hose. You cower in one corner of the tub, awkwardly holding the sprayer above you with one hand while trying to wash with the other. You rush and try your best not to spray outside the tub, but are inevitably ashamed of the swampy mess the bathroom has become.

A good American shower is a sybaritic pleasure. A solid watertight enclosure, allowing splashing and spraying with no fear. A large, high flow showerhead hung about 2 meters overhead, spraying out and down to soak you. The best showers are large enough that you can stand fully in the shower without the water touching you, but even the usual bathtub arrangement allows plenty of room for soaping, relaxing, lounging.

  2006-10-19 12:07 Z