I've found a solution to my Paris-photo-cliche problem; Space Invader. My new daily challenge is to go find invaders around Paris and photograph the surroundings. I've liked this guy's street art for awhile now and they provide a good excuse for walking around the city slowly.

Paris has so many surprises. Today's walk took me on a tour of the 5th. Along the way I discovered the Arenès de Lutèce, a 2000 year old Roman amphitheatre. And the lovely little Place Monge, a small village feel in the middle of the city. And the tomb of St. Genevieve, a 5th century saint whose bones were burned by the democracy-loving revolutionaries in 1793.

And on and on, so much in this city to find. The invaders are my breadcrumbs.

  2006-09-27 14:34 Z