It's been a week since landing in Paris and I'm slowly settling in. It's taking me longer to feel comfortable than I expected. I think the problem is I'm not working, so I have nothing to structure the day. I feel like I should be In Paris 16 hours a day, but that's too much. Fiddling with cameras and GPS units is giving me something comfortable to do (while still useful to Paris) and I suspect before too long I'll take up one of my programming projects. Eight hours a day of Paris is enough.

Having an apartment of your own is a wonderful thing. We rented a place right in the middle of the city on the Ile St. Louis. Being central is great, but even better we're just a bit east of the tourist center, making the Marais more "our neighbourhood" than the Latin Quarter or the 2nd. Feels a bit more real. Also the island itself is incredibly quiet and calm. Few cars, a nice respite from the moped madness of the rest of the city.

I need help with the photography. I'm surrounded by clichés, buildings or classic Parisian images. What I really need is someone to give me exercises and critiques.

  2006-09-12 08:50 Z