The best thing about taking a break is having the freedom to do things I want at whim. Like go to Australia. So I just got plane tickets to go from March 1 to March 21. Any suggestions for what to do? Please email me.

We're arriving in time for Sydney Mardi Gras, so that's the first main activity. I'm excited to go to Kangaroo Island and maybe Uluru / Ayer's Rock. We love wine country. I love deserts; Ken not so much. I'd like to learn more about Aboriginal culture and language. We're OK driving on the left. We're not big beach people.

So what should we do? Planning a trip is hard work. My mother used to be a luxury travel agent, I regret the death of that business. I'll summarize the suggestions that work out well. Advance payment: the Great Australian Novel.

  2006-01-24 02:02 Z