I saw the new Matrix movie today. Text below is white-on-white to avoid contamination, highlight with your mouse to read it. No major spoilers.

Sure, it was OK, in a Jurassic Park kind of way. Fun special effects, some nice production design, some good fight choreography.

But they need to fire whomever was the music director. The music, particularly during the fight choreography, was awful. And the writing. The writing. Who told the Wachowski Brothers they could take themselves seriously? The movie plays like a serious of disconnected fight sequences interspersed with horrible high school philosophizing.

A lot has been made about the "deep story" in The Matrix and how it invokes Plato, modern philosophy of mind, etc. I never thought it was much more than a 16 year old's solipsism but at least it made the movie entertaining. I'm sad to say the expansion of the mythology in the new film is just ridiculous.

Overall it was fun and I don't regret the time spent, but basically it was as disappointing as we all feared.

PS - who owns the long underwear concession in Zion?

PPS - the review in Slate is awesome. "Lucasoid". Nasty reviews are the most fun.

  2003-05-16 02:17 Z